COVID-19 Awarness: Stay at home. Protect yourself. Protect others
COVID-19 Awarness: They say it takes 21 days to adopt a habit, imagine what you can achieve if you try. Support lockdown.
COVID-19 Awarness: Help out your employees and domestic workers by not cutting their salaries, instead provide any help if necessary.
COVID-19 Awarness: Help #BreakTheChain. Help fight against COVID-19.
COVID-19 Awarness: Each of us is a warrior, and COVID-19 is the war. Create history, be a proud citizen. Stay home Stay safe.
COVID-19 Awarness: Educate as many people as possible.
COVID-19 Awarness: This lockdown period be creative, cook up a storm, read a book, watch movies.
COVID-19 Awarness: Do not waste your life, be responsible, stay indoors.
COVID-19 Awarness: Have you been planning to do a task since forever? well now you can.
COVID-19 Awarness: Pros of lockdown: no sun tan, no heatstroke, no traffic snarls, endless video calls with your loved ones.
COVID-19 Awarness: Support humanity, donate to people in need even if it is a small amount, do your part.
COVID-19 Awarness: Help out the elderly by bringing them their groceries and other essentials.
COVID-19 Awarness: Don't hoard groceries and essentials. Please ensure that people who are in need don't face a shortage because of you.
COVID-19 Awarness: Imagine that day when we defeat COVID-19 we'll look back and say we won this war together. Stay indoors, contribute towards humanity.
COVID-19 Awarness: Going out to buy essentials? Social Distancing is KEY! Maintain at least 2 metres distance between each other in the line.
COVID-19 Awarness: Get in touch with your local NGO's and district administration to volunteer for this cause.
COVID-19 Awarness: Panipuri, tea on stalls, adda, walks can wait. Protect yourself now, stay alert, stay indoors.
COVID-19 Awarness: If you have symptoms and suspect you have coronavirus - reach out to your doctor or call state helplines.
COVID-19 Awarness: Follow official sources for information. Do not panic and do not believe everything you hear.
COVID-19 Awarness: Avoid crowded areas and take precautions. Remember COVID-19 can affect anyone. Do not take it lightly.
COVID-19 Awarness: Be considerate. While buying essentials remember that you need to share with fellow citizens!
COVID-19 Awarness: Even the Virus Does Not Discriminate. Why do you? DO NOT DISCRIMINATE.
COVID-19 Awarness: Wash your hands with soap and water often. Use sanitizers outdoors. Keep the virus at bay.
COVID-19 Awarness: There is no evidence that hot weather will stop the virus! You can! Stay home, stay safe.
COVID-19 Awarness: #BreakTheChain of unverified WhatsApp forwards which spread wrong information and misunderstandings! Do not forward unless you verify it.
COVID-19 Awarness: Do not fear quarantine in hospitals, fear going in crowded places and stupid decisions. Maintain #socialDistancing
COVID-19 Awarness: Take a few minuites to appreciate all those bravehearted people that are serving us in this time of need. Do not let their efforts go in vain. Stay safe.
COVID-19 Awarness: Utilize your time to eat healthy, exercise, spend time with family, be grateful for your life.
COVID-19 Awarness: Lockdown is better than having no life. Stay safe for your family.

One Chat helps you stay focused and productive during WFH!

The All-in-One messaging app including WhatsApp, , Facebook Messenger, Slack, Instagram, Skype, Google Hangout, LinkedIn & many more

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Unlimited Accounts

Add multiple accounts from the same service such as FB Messenger or any other service

Privacy Protected

Invoke auto lock facility when you are away. Unlock with password or Touch ID

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages to send to multiple recipients including friends and customers

Custom Gif

Auto Generate Smart GIFs from text on any messaging service

Customize Notifications

Feel free to enable/disable sound alerts, badges and notifications

24/7 Support

Contact us anytime through our 24/7 support. Send us your feedback and suggestions.

One stop for almost all messaging services

Often, you would have wondered whether there could be a service that would provide you with the facility of a one-stop shop for all messaging apps. One Chat Messenger is an interface designed to make your business and personal messaging task effortless. One Chat supports 25+ messaging services that include WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Gmail, LinkedIn Chat, Hangouts, Telegram, Skype, Slack, WeChat, Twitter, ICQ chat, HipChat, Tinder, Discord, GroupMe, QQ and Facebook Page messenger, My SMS, TweetDeck, RocketChat and Tinder

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What Pro Geeks say about One Chat


I’ve been using One Chat for quite a while now and I’ve been impressed with how each version has gotten better. One Chat supports services I don’t use, but if I have reason to use them, I’m really glad they are there. Having more than I need isn’t a problem, because If I don’t have an account set up, they don’t appear. I strongly recommend this app. It just gets substantially better with each release.


Got sick of running a half dozen browser tabs for messaging apps. This collects everything in one simple interface. And yes technically this is just an aggregator of the various web front ends etc, but its worth it if you are drowning in messengers/chat apps, it keeps everything simple, consistent, and contained and that is absolutely worth the cost of entry for me.

Jake Plisken

A program that combines many messengers and assigns them in a meaningful way. The app works fast easy and reliable. So far I have found no point to criticism. (Which is very good) Of course there are still some wishes. IMessage for example. The price is not exactly a snapper. :-) I certainly do not regret buying this app. I'm looking forward to the new version and what it brings.

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One Chat

All-in-One Messenger App

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Requires macOS 10.11 or later


Why One Chat?

Say goodbye to opening multiple tabs on your PC to manage your messaging services. One Chat takes the tardiness out of the equation while managing the different messaging services individually. You can control all of them from One Chat service. You can use One Chat effortlessly for both personal and business use.

How to add more messaging services?

You can add any number of messaging services from the ‘Settings’ tab. Once you click on the tab, you will see all the messaging services from which you can select the ones you want to use.

Does One Chat stores my credentials?

No, it isn't store any credentials, That a feature we are planning for future versions with Single Sign One.

Is One Chat secure?

Definitely. We don't keep your private information anywhere!

Can I use One Chat on Multiple computers?

Yes, you can by buying multiple licenses. We have an attractive discount scheme for multiple licenses, which is
• 8% discount for 2 license keys
• 20% discount for 5 license keys
• 30% discount for 25 license keys
• 50% discount for 25+ license keys
Just ask for Bulk Discount to support

How many messaging services are supported?

One Chat provides the listed core messaging services on the website. You can see all of them here. If the app you want to add is not on the list, you can contact us by sending an email to We will endeavor to add the service to you.

How many messaging services can I add to One Chat?

There is no limit to the number of messaging services you want to add. In fact, you can even add multiple accounts of the same messaging service.

How many messaging services can I add to One Chat?

There is no limit to the number of messaging services you want to add. In fact, you can even add multiple accounts of the same messaging service.

Is One Chat open source?

No, One Chat is not open source. We have consciously decided against open source because we perceive it to be a security risk. We want to protect your information and we think that open source carries an element of risk.

New services and features to integrate?

MS Teams, Mattermost, Gitter, Zoom, Fb Workplace, Apple iMessages, Slack SSO support, Skype Business, Google Chat, Also Chrome extensions, Viber and coming to features Proxies, Hibernate, mobile view and many more